Three reasons to love Garter Stripe Beanies

Garter Stripe Beanies

1. The colours.
I really, really love knitting with colours. I had kinda forgotten this, because what I don't love is wearing colours – maybe I should stop knitting for myself? Socks don't count, of course. But yeah, this was fun!

Garter Stripe Beanies

2. The stash busting.
Maybe even more fun was getting to put all those tiny leftover yarn balls and socks yarn scraps to good use! The garter stitch edging is quite forgiving gaugewise – I used all kinds of different yarn, roughly DK weight, and socks yarns held doubled. There are quite a few ends to be woven in, but I think the effect is worth it.

Garter Stripe Beanies

3. The charity aspect.
Should I be ashamed that this one's only third on my list? I have not knit much for charity (I made one blanket years ago), but it does feel good to knit for others. Highly recommended.

Garter Stripe Beanies

Garter Stripe Beanies
for the Finnish Red Cross
Pattern: my own
Yarn: Novita Wool (white), Debbie Bliss Merino DK (green and turquoise), Tricots Brancal Escocesa (black), handspun (pink and olive green) + various leftover yarns
Needles: 3 mm (for the edging) and 3,5 mm

Garter Stripe Beanies

What I did (please note that this is not a proper pattern, knitting at your own risk only)

Circumference: 46 centimeters / 18 inches, to fit a child
Gauge: 24 sts = 10 centimeters / 4 inches

Using straight needles, CO 112 stitches. Change yarn, and knit garter stitch for 24 rows, change colour every 2 rows.

Join to begin working in the round, and knit stocking stitch for about 8 centimeters (3 inches), or as long as you like.

Place markers: [K28, place marker] 4 times.

Decrease Round: [K2tog, k to 2 sts before next marker, ssk] 4 times. Repeat this round every other round until 16 stitches remain. Repeat decrease round only until 8 stitches remain.

Break yarn, draw through remaining sts and pull tight. Weave in ends.