Billy and Nancy

(Heelless) Sleeping Socks

(Heelless) Sleeping Socks
by Nancy Bush
Pattern source: Knitting Vintage Socks / Nancy Bush
Yarn: The Yarn Yard Hug, in shade Gaskell
Needles: 2,75 mm

Confession time: my biggest celebrity crush ever was Billy Idol. Oh was I sweet sixteen! Thousand times, over and over again, I listened to that song. At that time I was also madly in love with a boy who looked a lot like Billy. (That, surprisingly, didn't work out. I was too shy to let him know about my undying love for him.) Well today Billy Idol is 52 (yikes!), and I'm a knitting lady approaching her forties who is clearly in need for a more suitable celebrity crush.*

(Heelless) Sleeping Socks

I don't think Nancy Bush should actually be afraid of me, but I've definitely developed some sort of obsession for her work. Take these socks for example: is it healthy that I was more excited to have another one of her patterns done and added to my "I love Nancy Bush" album over at Flickr than of the socks themselves? I'm reluctant to choose patterns from other designers because that would take time away from Nancy-patterns. I'm collecting her socks – there are times when I think that knitting every single sock pattern she has ever designed is entirely possible and totally reasonable. I'm not kissing her photo every night before going to bed, yet, but I'm reading her sock patterns more often than I'm willing to confess.

… and now I've read that last chapter again and I'm thinking that maybe some hobby other than knitting would do me good for a change. Unless you all keep posters of Elizabeth Zimmermann and Kaffe Fassett on your walls and just don't tell. Am I crazy, or are we all?

(Heelless) Sleeping Socks

A few more pictures of the socks, and some information about my modifications, here on Flickr.

*I still have the hots for Daniel Craig.