There once was a woman, who knit obsessively for five years, and lived to tell

A few people have asked about my whereabouts, and I thought I would drop in and tell that I'm fine. Still knitting, but here's the thing: I don't live and breath knitting anymore. I don't really know what happened, but suddenly I just noticed that I could live without checking the knit blogs and Ravelry every night. I could watch tv without knitting. I could even knit something and give it away without taking photos of it. I feel… free. :-D

So I don't think I'm gonna blog anymore. I've used all my words, and cannot really find anything interesting to say about the umpteenth pair of socks I've made. It's been really fun though, and that's because of you! If you're interested, you can still find me on Flickr and on Ravelry. Happy knitting, and thanks for reading!