Happy New Socks!

Spina di Pesce

Spina di Pesce
by Marjan Hammink
Pattern source: Yarnissima
Yarn: Wollmeise Sockenwolle, Tiefer See
Needles: 2,25 and 2,5 mm

When Marjan first asked me whether I would be interested to test knit one of her sock patterns, I wasn't sure what to think. I don't deal well with deadlines (as you might remember from my last post), I'm not big on learning and trying out new things, and I'm definitely not one who could be described as a technical knitter, all which I thought would be good qualities for a test knitter. But I guess I just got greedy. I had admired Marjan's patterns for quite some time, and as a bonus there was also the alluring opportunity to get my little hands on the Wollmeise sock yarn. So I said yes. And oh how happy I am that I did!

Spina di Pesce

First of all, this pattern is a work of a genius. It's not a quick knit by any means, but all the cleverly designed details made the knitting so interesting, that it was very easy to forget all the other projects, and just knit on. The gusset area especially made me happy – I hadn't knit a toe up heel flap before, so it was great fun to follow the instructions to the letter, and let the magic happen. Don't you just love those little cables? I know I do.

Surprisingly, I also found my inner test knitter. It was quite satisfying to spot the errors in the pattern. Not that there were many, and they were all just minor ones, but finding them made me feel like being a (very very tiny) part of creating this beautiful pattern. Closest I'll ever get to designing, I guess.

Spina di Pesce

And the socks, they are lovely. Because I knit tightly (and my feet are not exactly Cinderella-sized), I went up a needle size, and luckily so, because now the socks fit perfectly. The Wollmeise yarn was amazing – the colours are brilliant, the stitch definition is great, and the yarn feels really durable. And there's no fear of running out of yarn, I had more than 30 grams left over! Check it out, if you haven't already, and definitely check out Marjan's patterns over at Yarnissima. I love them all – and some of them even have such excellent names! :-D

Oh, I'm a very happy knitter now. It's good to start a new year with a pair of socks that I'm perfectly happy with. Here's hoping for a great knitting year, for all of us!

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Onnellista uutta vuotta kaikille lukijoilleni! Uusi vuosi tuo mukanaan muutoksia myös tänne Mustaan Villaan. Pitkään ja hartaasti asiaa pohdittuani olen viimein päättänyt jatkaa blogiani tästä lähtien vain englanniksi. Kahdella kielellä kirjoittaminen vie kaksi kertaa enemmän aikaa, ja sitä minulla ei tällä hetkellä valitettavasti ole kovinkaan paljon. Tiedän, että monet teistä lopettavat blogini lukemisen tähän, ja ymmärrän sen oikein hyvin. Kiitos, kun olette olleet mukana tähän asti, ja kiitos erityisesti ihanista kommenteistanne, jotka ovat ilahduttaneet minua kovasti näiden kolmen blogi-vuoden aikana!

Onnistuneita neuleita, ja vain kohtuullinen määrä pudonneita silmukoita vuodelle 2008!

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