Random photos and favourite bloggers

Thelonious valmistuu
Thelonious sock number two, almost done.

I've gotten more You make my day -awards! I’m very honored and humbled – thank you all so much! I had already decided not to tag anyone in particular, because, like everyone else, I read hundreds of great blogs and it would be very hard to pick just ten. But then I started thinking about how happy these awards have made me, so I decided to make my list after all. Here goes:

Sininen taivas
We saw some blue sky today! Lovely.

100% Pura Lana
I consider Mari my knitting twin: every single thing on her FO list could be on mine too. In addition to great taste in knitting patterns, she is also a fellow Nancy Bush fan club member. Perfect.

Good Knit's Road - Hyvänneuleentie 7
Annu is the kind of knitter I wish I could be some day. Lots of lovely original patterns, enough for a knitting book, I think. And what a lovely book it would be, because her photos are just as beautiful as her knitting.

Amazing amount of gorgeous sweaters, and everything else too. Just check out her 2007 FO's. I know I said it already, but: amazing.

Pikku-Kettu Knits
Incredients for a great blog: charming blog name (Pikku-Kettu means Little-Fox), gorgeous knitting, beautiful photography, fluent writing, and a cute dog. And lots of socks!

Pyöräilyä tammikuussa
No snow or ice will stop us if we want to ride our bike. That's my old bike, btw.

b r o o k ly n t w e e d
Well. You know. No need to make the man embarrassed.

Steph is my style guru. Her knitting is perfect, and her taste is impeccable. I love her blog so much.

Grumperina goes to local yarn shops and Home Depot
If Mari is my twin, Kathy is my opposite. She is a knitting genius, her perseverence and skill have left me speechless many times. Remember Mountainash? Or Grumpeque? Yeah, not for the faint of heart. And definitely not for the lazy and comfort-loving knitters amongst us. Ahem.

Elliphantom Knits
Great projects, beautiful photos and such a delightful way of writing, Elli always makes me smile. Also, the Herringbone Mittens with Poms are the cutest mittens in the world.

Lolly Knitting Around
As an eternal pessimist I really enjoy reading Lauren's blog. Her blog makes me happy – it's nice to know that there are people like her, who make the world a better place.

mind of winter
I always think Julia as a knitting movie star. She certainly looks like one, and she lives in California! Well, I think she does, and she might be a movie star too for what I know. These are just my fancies, mind you. I love the name of her blog (wouldn't it make a great movie title?), but for me her knitting is always filled with sun and warmth and happiness.

I guess that's it. Ladies and Jared, thank you for making my day each and every time you post.

Onni ja pulkka
Bye for now, see you next week!