Knitting for others

Red Cross Beanies

Red Cross Beanies
Yarn: Schoeller + Stahl Limbo
Needles: 3 and 3,5 mm

The Finnish Red Cross*, together with Tekstiiliteollisuus and The Moda Magazine, are collecting knitted socks and hats for people living in cold-climate regions in Asia and South America. I found out about this campaign from Neja's blog (she has made lots of hats already), and for some unknown reason I felt a sudden urge to knit hats. This was strange – I am a selfish knitter who knits mostly for herself (even when I'm knitting for others I trick myself by thinking that I'm knitting for me instead), and I very rarely knit hats. Hats kinda accentuate my nose (as you can see).

Red Cross Beanie #1

But yay! the hat's not for me, so I don't care. This was a fun little project. I dug out the leftovers from these projects, cast on 112 stitches, and knit some random stripes. I think it will look cute on someone with more hair and less nose.

Red Cross Beanie #2

And then I knit another one with just a few stripes, which made the knitting much more boring, but the end result is quite stylish I think. Onni hated it though (he's extremely sensitive for anything even slightly scratchy), so it's a good thing it's not for him either.

I'm thinking about sending the We Call Them Pirates -hat to this campaign too. Although I love the hat, it's too scratchy for Onni even with its cotton lining, so it's useless here. But I'm having second thoughts: is it odd to send a skull-patterned hat to charity? I think the hat is cute and lovely, but could it be offending to some people? What do you think?

I'm off to knit more hats. Knitting for the Red Cross fits nicely with this month's Project Spectrum colours too. :-)

* You can find the campaign page (in Finnish) here.