An old love

An old cardigan

It's a funny thing that of all the things I've knit and bragged about on this here blog, I haven't shown you the one that I've worn most. Well, here it is, a cardigan I knit twelve years ago. It's an ugly old thing, over-sized, knit with crappy yarn, and the finishing is quite unspeakable. And yet I wear it all the time – it's warm, comfortable, and fits over several layers of clothing. I love it.

A week or so ago I was sitting on the sofa, knitting Ward and not really enjoying it all that much. I had made several modifications to the pattern, changed the ribbings, added lenght and waist shaping, and as I was knitting, I had to stay really focused to what I was doing.

I had also started to have those seconds thoughts about the sweater: doesn't it actually look too big/small/oddly shaped/stupid etc. I was wearing The Old Ugly, and suddenly the thought just popped into my head: why not make another comfortable, simple sweater, that I could just knit and knit and knit and not worry about keeping track of anything, and in the end I would have something to wear around the house that wouldn't be quite that ugly?

wrap cardigan

And just like that, I ripped Ward and cast on for another sweater. This is the Blanket Cardigan from Sarah Dallas Knitting. We are in love – I'm almost done with the back piece. One should not forget one's love for mindless stockinette.

Gloria Cowl

Gloria Cowl
by Orinda5
Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton, 1 skein of coffee rich and beechnut
Needles: 3,5 and 4 mm
Modifications: cast on 114 stitches, did a garter stitch edging.

Oh, I almost forgot: I joined the world-wide cowlgirl movement. My sock yarn stash is trembling…