On the needles and off the hook

One done

Here's the first Welsh Country Stocking. I love it dearly. And look how nice it looks with my freshly painted toenails! A sign of a true lady: her nail polish matches her sock in progress.


I was so fed up with the Blanket Cardi that I decided to cast on for another sweater. And cast on I did, 7 times! I'm knitting Liesl, a design by Ysolda Teague, and although I had some trouble in the beginning (it proved to be extremely hard for me to cast on loosely enough), it's been smooth sailing ever since. I'm knitting this as quickly as I can so it will be finished before I can figure out a way to mess it up too.

G9 Stripes

G9 Stripes
a small pouch for my small camera
Yarn: Rowan Handknit Cotton
Hook: 4 mm

I finished my crocheted camera pouch. It's a silly little thing, and I'm not totally happy with it, (there's something unsatisfactory about the combination of colours and texture, I can't quite say what) but it's just for protecting my camera when I toss it in my bag, so it'll do for now. The ribbon is sewn into the bottom of the pouch with just a few stitches, so it will be easy to take it off when I don't feel this girly.