The perfect weekend

Onni in front of the sauna

Although I love autumn, the last visit to the summer cottage before winter always feels a bit bittersweet, and leaves you with a slightly melancholic feeling. Our weekend was lovely, the weather was cold but sunny, the sauna felt like heaven and the water in the lake was already ice-cold. Very refreshing!

Onni's Garter Rib Socks

Garter Rib Socks
by Charlene Schurch
Pattern source: Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch
Size: 56 sts
Yarn: Sandnes Garn Sisu
Needles: 2,5 mm

Onni wore his new socks, which were very much needed and kept his feet all nice and warm. And I felt like a good mama. My boy has big feet – I think I have to cast on 60 stitches for the next pair I'm gonna knit for him.

The family portrait

I never travel without my wool socks. Before we got the fire going though, the floor in the cottage was so cold, that I went searching for another pair to keep my feet from freezing, and found these old socks. Aren't they cute?

Old socks

My mom told me later that these socks used to belong to her own mother. I don't remember my grandmother that well – she died when I was six years old – but the thought of wearing the same socks that she did warmes my mind like the socks warmed my feet.

Old socks

And now we're back home again, doing the laundry and getting ready for another work week. Before we left, my dad gave us a huge bag of apples. I think that an apple pie is just what I need to get over this post weekend blues.


Happy autumn, everyone!