Obviously mom still thinks it's Socktober

Can we go out now?

"Mom, I want to go out."

Bockstark socks


Bockstark socks


My camera is way too slow

So out we went.

Bockstark socks in action

And my feet were very happy in my new socks. :-)

Bockstark socks in action

Bockstark Socks
Pattern: 40 stitches, toe up, short-row toe and heel
Yarn: Bockstark Knits handspun, in Chocolate & Raspberries
Needles: 3,25 mm

These socks are all about the lovely handspun yarn that I got from Kris. I love knitting with handspun, and I think these socks turned out so cute! Thanks again, Kris! The pattern is my standard toe up sock pattern, with short-row toe and heel from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. I used every inch of the yarn – I had to cast off the second sock with another yarn (the one that ends with raspberry colour) but I don't think it's too noticeable.

Bockstark socks

The socks are knit with 40 stitches. I don't know if you can actually see it from this photo, but I made two increases on both sides of the sock before the heel, and then decreased the stitches after the heel. The short row heel is often too tight for me, and the increases made the sock fit much better.

I hope you all noticed that these are not Nancy Bush socks? I still have hope I guess. Thanks so much for all the lovely and funny comments in my previous post! I sometimes feel like I have nothing more to write about socks that would interest anyone anymore, so your comments really mean a lot. Thank you!