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Blanket Cardigan

Blanket Cardigan
by Sarah Dallas
Pattern source: Sarah Dallas Knitting
Yarn: Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK, 14 x 50 grams for size S
Needles: 3,5 and 4 mm

Boy did I drag my feet with this one. But now that this ocean of stockinette is finally done, I couldn't be happier with it! (Happiness not pictured. It was so dark, that when I tried to smile, my face turned out all blurry.) This cardigan is everything I hoped it would be when I started: it's big, warm and cozy, and I think it looks quite stylish even.

Blanket Cardigan

The reason it took me 6 months from start to finish was that I didn't like knitting with this yarn. Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK is wonderfully soft, but it's just too stretchy for a tight knitter like me. I'm quite happy with the yarn now that all the knitting is done though, it feels lovely and looks beautiful, and it better wear well too.

Blanket Cardigan

Modifications: I made the sleeves a bit wider, knit the collar in moss stitch (instead of garter stitch), and knit 6 rows of moss stitch after casting on to prevent the rolling. I ended up using 14 balls, which is odd, as the pattern says 10 balls for my size, and the Rowan Wool Cotton that's used in the book has less yardage than Jaeger Extra Fine Merino. Even with the wider sleeves, four more balls of yarn is quite a lot I think. So if you want to knit this one, I would recommend buying more yarn than the pattern states.

Another odd thing is the name. There are two almost similar cardigans in this book, the only difference between them being that the other one is knit with one strand of Wool Cotton, and the other with two strands. In my copy of the book, the name of my sweater (that's knit with one strand) is Wrap Cardigan. But in Ravelry (and as it seems, in some copies of the book), the names are opposite. Doesn't matter really, just thought to mention it.