Socks gone wrong

Socks gone wrong

I'm usually quite good at ripping. If the project doesn't feel right, it meets its end pretty quickly. But sometimes it just happens that I find myself having finished something that I'm not at all happy about. And there are times (yeah that means you, November) when that kind of thing happens twice.

Socks gone wrong: exhibit b

Exhibit A: Maarja's Socks from Folk Knitting in Estonia

This started out as a sock, but was quickly realized to be too small. Here, I should have ripped, but I was in love with the combination of the yarn and the pattern and the colours, and wanted desperately to make it work. Hence, a wrist warmer! Halfway through the second one I'm suddenly pretty sure that I would never wear these.

Socks gone wrong: exhibit a

Exhibit B: Two-Yarn Resoable Socks from Favorite Socks

Looking at this photo I actually quite like this sock. It looks cute! I was so happy with my choice of yarns: handspun for the cuff and instep, and commercial, sturdy yarn for the heel and sole. Works fine in theory, but somehow I ended up with a much tighter gauge at the sole, and that makes the sock fit quite oddly. I would perhaps still knit the other one, had the knitting not been so fiddly and annoying. Boo to this one too.

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Thank you so much for your very kind comments on my Blanket Cardigan! I've worn it twice in public already, and that's two times more than most of my handknit sweaters get. :-D