One last bark

Bark #3

Bark #3
by Anna Tillman
Pattern source: Rowan 38
Yarn: All kinds of green, purple and brown yarns from stash, and Rowan Big Wool Tuft (1,5 x Rugged 058) for the edging
Hook: 5 mm

Bark #3

There's nothing much about this pattern I haven't said already. This one's knit with finer yarns (roughly aran-weight) and smaller hook than the previous two, making it a bit more malleable. But crochet makes a sturdy fabric, so this is really more like a cowl than a shawl. A very, very warm cowl - although it's been cold here in Finland lately, I don't think I'll get to use this one for quite some time.

Bark #3

Thank you all for your suggestions on what to do with Onni's socks. The reason I wasn't happy with that poor sock was that it looked somehow like a cheap sport sock to me. But in the end I was too lazy to rip the sock - as I said, the weather's been cold, and I just don't want to wake up one morning with snow on the ground and my little boy without warm socks because his mummy was obsessing about colours. So, I'm knitting the dang socks, and to soothe my apparently very sensitive colour sense, I cast on for another pair, pretty this time.

Gentleman's Sock in Railway Stitch

Gentleman's Sock in Railway Stitch in Handarbeitskram by Selana